Ultrasonic-Assisted Brazing of Titanium Joints Using Modified Al-Si-Cu Based Fillers: Brazing at Liquid—Semisolid States under Load

Abdulsalam Muhrat, Joaquim Barbosa
2021 Metals  
Brazing joints of Ti/Ti under ultrasonic vibration (USV) and compression load were investigated using optimized and modified filler alloys of Al-Si-Cu-(Ni)-(Sr) group prepared in the lab. Preliminary trails at semisolid to liquid states were conducted using the ready Al-Si-Cu-(Mg) alloy as a filler, then the brazing cycle was redesigned and enhanced according to the microstructural observations of the produced joints. USV assisted brazing at semisolid state of low solid fraction was able to
more » ... uce joints with round silicon morphology and granular , while at high solid fraction, USV was only able to affect the silicon and intermetallic particles. Applying a compression load after ultrasonic vibration, at a designed solid fraction, was proved to be a successful technique for improving the quality of the joints by reducing the porosity, enhancing the soundness of the joint, and the diffusion at the interface. Based on alloy composition and the improved brazing cycle, joints of thin intermetallic layer and high shear strength (of 93 MPa average value) were achieved. The microstructures and the mechanical behavior were discussed based on the filler compositions and brazing parameters.
doi:10.3390/met11121968 fatcat:5647wovgebfjfddmetremeexha