The effects of plant extracts on lipid metabolism of chickens

Xuedong Ding, Ilias Giannenas, Ioannis Skoufos, Jing Wang, Weiyun Zhu
2022 Animal bioscience  
The fat deposition is an important factor affecting chicken meat quality, which is closely related to lipid metabolism of chickens. Therefore, it is important to regulate the lipid metabolism of chickens to improve the chicken meat quality. Plant extracts have special regulatory effects on animal's growth and health and have been widely used in chicken breeding. Some plant extracts have been reported to have functions of changing the fatty acid composition, reducing abdominal fat percentage,
more » ... enhancing the intramuscular fat content of chickens by improving the antioxidant capacity, regulating the expression of genes, enzymes, and signaling pathways related to lipid metabolism, modulating intestinal microbiota, affecting hormones level, and regulating DNA methylation. This paper reviewed the application and mechanism of plant extracts on regulating lipid metabolism of chickens to provide a reference for the further application of plant extracts in chicken breeding.
doi:10.5713/ab.22.0272 pmid:36397703 fatcat:v3z5lrpo25dw5pmmvziehwfewm