Leveraging online engagement in rural municipalities [report]

Krista Kagume
LEVERAGING ONLINE ENGAGEMENT IN RURAL MUNICIPALITIES 5 b. How are citizens receiving their local governments' online engagement efforts; or is there a match between how the municipalities perceive they are performing and what citizens perceive? c. Do the citizens perceive a larger or smaller difference between the municipalities that perceived themselves as high-performing and mid-performing with respect to their engagement efforts? Literature Review The following literature review will: trace
more » ... he evolution of e-government; describe the levels of online engagement and then discuss organizational success factors that influence egovernment success. In addition, the literature review will explore how citizens may perceive the governments' online engagement efforts.
doi:10.7939/r3sj19t7r fatcat:dxleau5qgvf67jkbajumjqbpae