Software Framework for Advanced Power Plant Simulations [report]

John Widmann, Sorin Munteanu, Aseem Jain, Pankaj Gupta, Mark Moales, Erik Ferguson, Lewis Collins, David Sloan, Woodrow Fiveland, Yi-dong Lang, Larry Biegler, Michael Locke (+2 others)
2010 unpublished
This report summarizes the work accomplished during the Phase II development effort of the Advanced Process Engineering Co-Simulator (APECS). The objective of the project is to develop the tools to efficiently combine high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models with process modeling software. During the course of the project, a robust integration controller was developed that can be used in any CAPE-OPEN compliant process modeling environment. The controller mediates the exchange of
more » ... tes the exchange of information between the process modeling software and the CFD software. Several approaches to reducing the time disparity between CFD simulations and process modeling have been investigated and implemented. These include enabling the CFD models to be run on a remote cluster and enabling multiple CFD models to be run simultaneously. Furthermore, computationally fast reduced-order models (ROMs) have been developed that can be "trained" using the results from CFD simulations and then used directly within flowsheets. Unit operation models (both CFD and ROMs) can be uploaded to a model database and shared between multiple users.
doi:10.2172/1004878 fatcat:gqtatvfdgrhwxf5or5i2qx25ei