Apocrine carcinoma: A Report of a case which formed a single tumor with eccrine spiradenoma
アポクリン腺癌 エクリンらせん腺腫と共に1個の腫りゅうを形成した1例

Yoshio TSUJINO, Satoshi DEMO
2002 Skin Cancer  
A 43-year-old Japanese woman was admitted for excision of a subcutaneous tumor on the forehead. A subcutaneous nodule was first noticed on the left side of the forehead half a year previously, and it grew slowly to become a tumor about 2 cm in diameter. After the excision, this tumor has histopathologically examined. The features showed apocrine carcinoma with eccrine spiradenoma. [Skin Cancer (Japan) 2002; 17: 98-1001
doi:10.5227/skincancer.17.98 fatcat:boffasc6ubhflm4vncohvxf2pm