Ocular Dirofilariasis, a Case Report'

M Fallah Tafti, A Hajilary, H Siatiri, M Rokni, I Mobedi, Gh Mowlavi
2010 unpublished
Accidental infection with animal filarial worms in humans is a dilemma for clinicians and parasi-tologists throughout the world. To date a variety of such rare parasitoses have been reported mostly in tropics and subtropics. Human dirofilariasis is among those unusual zoonotic infections that occasionally have been observed in the eye and in subcutaneous areas exhibiting with nodule formation. Filarial worms are transmitted to humans through invertebrate biological vectors such as certain
more » ... s of mosquitoes. The present report describes a peculiar case of ocular dirofilaria-sis in a 49-year-old man resident in Iran.