Building Trust in Cloud Computing: Challenges in the Midst of Outages

S. Srinivasan
2014 Proceedings of the 2014 InSITE Conference   unpublished
Cloud computing is evolving rapidly as a global technology solution for cost-effective Information Systems deployment. By its design the cloud computing concept requires the businesses to operate over the internet by subscribing to services as needed. Internet was not designed for secure communication. Moreover, businesses feel that they lose control over the infrastructure and data when they use cloud services. The cloud service providers offer assurances to the customers on the safe handling
more » ... f their data and access to unlimited computing resources on demand. Moreover, cloud service offers users the ability to pay for what they use only. These positive features have attracted several businesses to the cloud but concern remains about the reliability and security of cloud service usage. Our hypothesis is that cloud computing will continue to grow in popularity and service providers will benefit by enhancing trust among their customers. The importance of building trust is essential because there have been several high profile cloud outages. In this overview paper we focus on the various steps that the cloud service provider could take to earn customer trust and build on it further. Also, we look at the major cloud outages over the past five years.
doi:10.28945/2018 fatcat:6dpwuxjoqvg5ppzep2eq7k7pve