Noise-Robust Sound-Event Classification System with Texture Analysis

Yongju Choi, Othmane Atif, Jonguk Lee, Daihee Park, Yongwha Chung
2018 Symmetry  
Sound-event classification has emerged as an important field of research in recent years. In particular, investigations using sound data are being conducted in various industrial fields. However, sound-event classification tasks have become more difficult and challenging with the increase in noise levels. In this study, we propose a noise-robust system for the classification of sound data. In this method, we first convert one-dimensional sound signals into two-dimensional gray-level images
more » ... normalization, and then extract the texture images by means of the dominant neighborhood structure (DNS) technique. Finally, we experimentally validate the noise-robust approach by using four classifiers (convolutional neural network (CNN), support vector machine (SVM), k-nearest neighbors(k-NN), and C4.5). The experimental results showed superior classification performance in noisy conditions compared with other methods. The F1 score exceeds 98.80% in railway data, and 96.57% in livestock data. Besides, the proposed method can be implemented in a cost-efficient manner (for instance, use of a low-cost microphone) while maintaining high level of accuracy in noisy environments. This approach can be used either as a standalone solution or as a supplement to the known methods to obtain a more accurate solution.
doi:10.3390/sym10090402 fatcat:efxdx6vjajh2bawbc3elci2qy4