A Semantic Analysis of the Indeterminacy in Contemporary Fashion - Focusing on Fashion Since 2000 -
현대 패션에 나타난 불확정성의 의미해석 - 2000년대 이후 패션을 중심으로 -

Hye-Jin Hwang, Min-Ja Kim
2012 The Korean Society of Costume  
In a fast changing postmodern society, contemporary fashion is becoming more complicated and ambiguous along with other genres of art than ever before. This phenomenon reigning as a sociocultural paradigm can be defined as 'indeterminacy' and it means 'undecidability'. The purpose of this study is to clarify and analyze the indeterminate characteristics of contemporary fashion reviewing the theoretical background and the architectural formativeness as a comparative research. The core idea of
more » ... The core idea of deconstructivism dismantles a causal relationship between function and form in fashion and the conventional notion about clothes. Complexity theory, which is the study of chaotic dynamical systems, suggests the creative idea and concept of infinite possibilities on a formative method. Meanwhile, catastrophe theory of discontinuous change can be used as interpretative strategies for the process of deconstruction and reconstruction. As a result of this study, the indeterminacy of fashion can be analyzed into five semantic categories: irregularity, immateriality, randomness, complexity and changeability. The intrinsic value of the indeterminacy in contemporary fashion is the interaction with a sociocultural ideology and a technological environment as well as an expansion of formative expression. To conclude, it can be said that the indeterminacy in fashion is a new interpretation of the relationship among body and space, clothes and society. 1)
doi:10.7233/jksc.2012.62.5.001 fatcat:7uf5vnm6mjfetc7fh7r6bi4kdy