Preparing the hardware of the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter control and safety systems for LHC Run 2

O. Holme, P. Adzic, D. Di Calafiori, P. Cirkovic, G. Dissertori, L. Djambazov, D. Jovanovic, W. Lustermann, S. Zelepoukine
2016 Journal of Instrumentation  
A : The Detector Control System of the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter has undergone significant improvements during the first LHC Long Shutdown. Based on the experience acquired during the first period of physics data taking of the LHC, several hardware projects were carried out to improve data accuracy, to minimise the impact of failures and to extend remote control possibilities in order to accelerate recovery from problematic situations. This paper outlines the hardware of the detector
more » ... f the detector control and safety systems and explains in detail the requirements, design and commissioning of the new hardware projects. K : Detector control systems (detector and experiment monitoring and slow-control systems, architecture, hardware, algorithms, databases); Large detector-systems performance; Large detector systems for particle and astroparticle physics 1Corresponding author.
doi:10.1088/1748-0221/11/01/c01020 fatcat:t34fs6lvgffg5eqliujstxygba