The Efficiency of Disinfectants on the Oocysts of Eimeria tenella

Eva Chroustová, K. Pinka
1987 Acta Veterinaria Brno  
C h r 0 u s t 0 v a Eva. K. PIn k a: The E66iciency 06 V~in6ectant6 on the Oocy~t6 06 Eime4ia tenella. Acta vet. Brno.56.1987: 141-149. The effectiveness of selected disinfectants on the oocysts of Eime4ia tenella was examined under laboratory and simulated field conditions. From the tested chemicals. which included ammonium hydroxide. formaldehyde. peracetic acid. glutaraldehyde and chloramine B activated by ammonium hydroxide. the highest effectiveneSs was recorded in 5% ammonium hydroxide
more » ... monium hydroxide and 3 or 5% chloramine B activated by 1 or 2% ammonium hydroxide. The 2% concentration of formaldehyde inhibited sporulation completely after 24 hour exposure. and was almost ineffective against sporulated oocysts. V~in6ection, coccidio~~, inte~ive po~y p~oduction, ~po~ed and non-~po~ulated oocy~t6.
doi:10.2754/avb198756010141 fatcat:gz5rfo5yxjf5hjlpwxpb7eftn4