Co-Microencapsulation of Islets and MSC CellSaics, Mosaic-Like Aggregates of MSCs and Recombinant Peptide Pieces, and Therapeutic Effects of Their Subcutaneous Transplantation on Diabetes

Yusuke Mochizuki, Ryo Kogawa, Ryuta Takegami, Kentaro Nakamura, Akira Wakabayashi, Tadashi Ito, Yasuhiro Yoshioka
2020 Biomedicines  
The subcutaneous transplantation of microencapsulated islets has been extensively studied as a therapeutic approach for type I diabetes. However, due to the lower vascular density and strong inflammatory response in the subcutaneous area, there have been few reports of successfully normalized blood glucose levels. To address this issue, we developed mosaic-like aggregates comprised of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and recombinant peptide pieces called MSC CellSaics, which provide a continuous
more » ... vide a continuous release of angiogenic factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines. Our previous report revealed that the diabetes of immunodeficient diabetic model mice was reversed by the subcutaneous co-transplantation of the MSC CellSaics and rat islets. In this study, we focused on the development of immune-isolating microcapsules to co-encapsulate the MSC CellSaics and rat islets, and their therapeutic efficiency via subcutaneous transplantation into immunocompetent diabetic model mice. As blood glucose level was monitored for 28 days following transplantation, the normalization rate of the new immuno-isolating microcapsules was confirmed to be significantly higher than those of the microcapsules without the MSC CellSaics, and the MSC CellSaics transplanted outside the microcapsules (p < 0.01). Furthermore, the number of islets required for the treatment was reduced. In the stained sections, a larger number/area of blood vessels was observed around the new immuno-isolating microcapsules, which suggests that angiogenic factors secreted by the MSC CellSaics through the microcapsules function locally for their enhanced efficacy.
doi:10.3390/biomedicines8090318 pmid:32878198 fatcat:tyhruuch3jht3ayyyydfzm6asu