Movie viewing habits of university students [article]

Horváth Ádám, Gyenge Balázs, Rácz Georgina
This paper aims to analyze a pilot study that was conducted with university students regarding their movie viewing habits, focusing on the various influences and sources of information that have an effect on their choices concerning both the methods of viewing movies and the selection of certain movies as well. Among its main results is the general disregard to traditionally highly regarded influences like movie awards or information aggregation websites (such as the Internet Movie Database for
more » ... example), the overwhelming dominance of piracy when it comes to current movie viewing trends and some of the main expectations concerning legal movie streaming services (which could turn them into viable alternative options).
doi:10.17626/dbem.icom.p00.2015.p099 fatcat:tzaxda2ebjgwleo45w42fiwojy