Definitions of Meaningful Work for Generation X and Millennial Cuspers

Beverly Van Hyatt
2021 Journal of Human Resource Management  
Objective: In today's multigenerational workforce, organizational leaders continuously seek methods to retain valued employees. Employees who perceive their work-related values are in alignment with their employer is central to intentions to quit. In this study, generational differences in definitions of meaningful work among the Gen X and Millennials cusp cohorts and between genders were investigated. Method: A quantitative nonexperimental survey approach was applied using self-reported
more » ... elf-reported measures of the Comprehensive Meaningful Work Scale (CMWS). Two hundred eleven US-based employees in various professional, semi-professional, and non-professional occupations provided their perceptions of meaningful work. An ANOVA was used as the method of analysis. Results: The results indicated no significant differences in definitions of meaningful work between individuals of Gen X and Millennials on the cusp of their generation. Furthermore, there were no significant differences in definitions of meaningful work between gender of Gen X and Millennial cusp cohorts. The results revealed similarities in definitions of meaningful work among Gen X and Millennial Cuspers and between genders. Conclusions: Employees of all generations pursue meaningful work. Recommendations include the use of qualitative methodological approaches, longitudinal studies, and multiple data points to explore intergenerational differences to analyze how generations effect change in the workplace.
doi:10.11648/j.jhrm.20210901.11 fatcat:f4tmmr7lcjftxfk2syio3u76fa