М.М. Марусинец, В.Н. Слабко
2020 Balkan scientific review  
The article describes the phenomenon of relationship in the pedagogical work of Vasyl Sukhomlinsky. The pedagogical ideas of the outstanding teacher concerning the subject-subject interaction in the educational process are analyzed the role of the teacher in its organization. In his scientific and practical achievements, it is presented as a mechanism, as a technology that contributes to the successful development of communication, empathy, respect. Successful interactions require the use of
more » ... quire the use of interaction techniques such as stimulation, questions, appeals, suggestions, choice of method of implementation, reliance on past experience, evaluation and self-assessment, forecasting, etc. An important prerequisite for their application is the ability of the teacher to listen and hear, to determine the rational grain in conversation with the student and to give him the proper emotional and cognitive weight. The teacher-innovator noted that in the process of such interaction, the teacher should show due respect to the students regardless of their functional capacity (sense of self-confidence, self-sufficiency). Outlined educational dominant became the subject of search for a great educator to work on truly innovative technologies, which throughout the professional career were implemented in the pedagogical process and formed a reserve for the reflection of future generations of educators
doi:10.34671/sch.bsr.2020.0401.0007 fatcat:hahxqkvzuvfrdde7mitx2jtj4i