A Survey on Hand Gesture Recognition for Indian Sign Language

Miss Ekbote, Mrs Joshi
2008 International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Sign Language is most accepted and meaningful way of communication for deaf and dumb people of the society. Sign language uses gestures, head/body movements and facial expressions for communication. It is a powerful means of Non-Verbal communication among humans. Every country has its own developed Sign Language. The language which is used in India is called as "Indian Sign Language (ISL)". Only little research work has been carried out in this area as ISL has got standardized recently.
more » ... d recently. Currently many researchers have mainly focused on gesture recognition that has been recorded under static hand gesture. Only few works have been reported for recognition of dynamic hand gesture. Many methods have been developed to recognize alphabets and numerals of ISL. The major steps involved in designing such a system are: gesture acquisition, tracking and segmentation, feature extraction and gesture recognition. This paper presents a survey on various hand gesture recognition approaches for ISL.