The Observer Is, by Necessity, the Complete Foundation to Physics [stub]

Alexandre Harvey-Tremblay
2022   draft withdrawn
While there exist in the wild a process to derive the laws of physics ---namely, the practice of science--- it has never been completely formalized within mathematics. Here, we understand this lack as an unrealized opportunity to source the foundations of physics while remaining entirely mathematical. The first step to formalize the practice of science will be to eliminate all ambiguities by defining experiments as reproducible protocols and expressing them in terms of Turing complete languages
more » ... and halting programs. A listing of such experiments via a machine or algorithm is recursively enumerable and, if understood as an incremental contribution to knowledge, then serves as a reformulation of mathematics entirely consistent with the practice of science. In turn this formulation leads to a definition of the observer as a measure space on all possible experiments, and the laws of physics are simply those that maximizes the information of the measure. Using this methodology, we will be able to demonstrate the origins of physics including quantum field theory, general relativity, their generalization to quantum gravity, and to obtain a resolution to enduring open problems such as the origin of the Born rule, the dissolution of the wave-function collapse problem and the selection of the interpretation of quantum mechanics --- thus yielding a comprehensive theory of physics sourced from first principles.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.11755134.v195 fatcat:37v5hd3janha3ceoik4ehvevkq