Rafael Martín, Juan Arias Masa, Sixto Delgado, Gemma Delicado, Prudencia Gutiérrez, Esteban, Laura Alonso-Díaz, Rocío Yuste Tosina
In recent years the concept of digital narrative or Digital Storytelling has become one of the most effective techniques for educational systems. This, although being a classic theme, has recently been revitalized with the ease of making digital stories with current technologies, mainly by the profusion of tools accessible on the Internet under the Cloud Computing paradigm and the high integration of them, for their design, creation, publication and other actions that these well-known new
more » ... ell-known new technologies allow and, even more important, the communicative power that the multimedia elements provide to a classic story. Although there have been several and important efforts to structure the production of digital stories, analyzing the key points that the digital multimedia formats provide to the narrative and focusing on those emotional aspects or the research and synthesis skills that students develop, there are not any concrete systematized experience on how to use Digital Storytelling in classrooms to develop and teach specific topics in classrooms. And if they exist, a coherent and homogenous measurement method for assessing the specific contribution to student skills development is missing as digital stories are supposed to do. This research project aimed to explore the use of Digital Storytelling with in educational environments, designing and implementing digital stories about a specific topic concerning the Information Security subject, taught in the 3rd year Degree in Telecommunication and Computer Science Engineering, developing an assessment of the map of knowledge that the students owns about the selected topic before, during and after creating their digital stories. To do so, we have used qualitative data analysis techniques and Pathfinder networks to measure the similarity grade o distance between technical concepts, previously graded by the students in a continuous scale. Thus, the project is aimed to provide a way of measuring one of the _________________________________________________________________________________________ ISSN: 2414-0325. Open educational e-environment of modern University, № 3 (2017) 36