The Phenomenological Character of Experience as a Contemporary Problem in the Philosophy of Perception

Benson Monehin Akinnawonu
2012 International Review of Social Sciences and Humanities   unpublished
The philosophical problem of showing the relationship between a subject's experience and its object gives rise to causal problem that was generated by John Locke's representative theory of perception. This paper examined the problem of how mind-independent objects could feature in the phenomenological character of experience and maintained that the appeal to representational character of experience is the answer to the causal problem of perception. Using E.J. Lowe's stick figure sketch of a man
more » ... as an illustrative example, the paper argued that the indeterminacy in Locke's explanation of perceptual capacities is an appropriate feature of perceptual objects. It further posited that Lowe's adverbialist interpretation of Locke's position is wrongheaded because manner of sensing as subjective reports cannot yield objective standard of knowledge. The method of critical and conceptual analysis was employed while the existing literatures on the subject provided the background to the paper. It concluded the causal antecedents of our experience determine that perceptual object.