A Simplified Model for Detonation Based Pressure-Gain Combustors

Daniel Paxson
2010 46th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit   unpublished
A time-dependent model is presented which simulates the essential physics of a detonative or otherwise constant volume, pressure-gain combustor for gas turbine applications. The model utilizes simple, global thermodynamic relations to determine an assumed instantaneous and uniform post-combustion state in one of many envisioned tubes comprising the device. A simple, second order, non-upwinding computational fluid dynamic algorithm is then used to compute the (continuous) flowfield properties
more » ... field properties during the blowdown and refill stages of the periodic cycle which each tube undergoes. The exhausted flow is averaged to provide mixed total pressure and enthalpy which may be used as a cycle performance metric for benefits analysis. The simplicity of the model allows for nearly instantaneous results when implemented on a personal computer. The results compare favorably with higher resolution numerical codes which are more difficult to configure, and more time consuming to operate. 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT UU 18. NUMBER OF PAGES 19 19a. NAME OF RESPONSIBLE PERSON STI Help Desk (email:help@sti.nasa.gov) a. REPORT U b. ABSTRACT U c. THIS PAGE U 19b. TELEPHONE NUMBER (include area code) 443-757-5802 Standard Form 298 (Rev. 8-98) Prescribed by ANSI Std. Z39-18
doi:10.2514/6.2010-6717 fatcat:ic4megohnfctvn5z2yi4erfn7e