Scolytoidea (Coleoptera) 5: Notes on Neotropical Platypodidae, Mainly From Central America

Hans Reichardt
1965 Psyche: A Journal of Entomology  
The present paper, fifth in a series o.f contributions towards, the knowledge of Neotropical Platypodidae (see Reichardt, I964b, previous papers), deals mainly with the Platypodidae I was able to study in the Museum o.f Co.mparative Zoology, 'Cambridge, Mass. In this collection I recognized a new species from British Honduras, along with interesting new distributional records of previously known s:pecies. The new data are summarized in a map ( fig. 9 ), together with the records available
more » ... in the literature. The result' is a fairly good summary of the. distribution of the genus Tesserocerus in Central America. It is discussed below, under that genus.. Platypus pini Hopkins, previously kno'wn only from the type, is redescribed, figured, and assigned to another species group within the genus.
doi:10.1155/1965/52373 fatcat:xf6dio57gveynmqbqiuetxrrii