Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on InP:Yb Luminescence

A. Stąpor, A. Kozanecki, K. Reimann, K. Syassen, J. Weber, M. Moser, F. Scholz
1991 Acta Physica Polonica. A  
Tle effects of hydrostatic pressure on the InP:Yb luminescence were explored using a gasketed diamond anvil cell (DAC). The pressure dependence of the Yb3+ luminescence shows a small positive shift (0.96 meV/GPa) at low pressures (< 4 GPa) and a negative one (-0.04 meV/GPa) above 4 GPa. The spectra of the Yb3+ emission differ markedly in these two pressure ranges. It was concluded that intra-4f-shell transitions of the Yb 3 + on indium substitutional (Td) site dominate in the spectrum above 4
more » ... spectrum above 4 GPa, whereas at lower pressures the emission has a different nature.
doi:10.12693/aphyspola.79.315 fatcat:t4lmlvqgpvettdwpzhhkzmbuq4