Cytogenetic studies of Glomeris (Diplopoda: Glomeridae)

Elzbieta Warchałowska-Sliwa, Anna Maryańska-Nadachowska, Grzegorz Kania
2004 Folia biologica  
Karyotypes and meiosis of Glomeris hexasticha and G. connexa (Diplopoda: Glomeridae) from Poland were described using C-heterochromatin distribution and observations of the location of NORs. These species were characterized by 2n>=16 and the XY sex determination system. Differences were found in the amount of C-heterochromatin in X and Y chromosomes between the studied species. In G. hexasticha, supernumerary B chromosomes were described.
pmid:15521651 fatcat:c7dsieaqkrehtcmbqld6gqqm2a