Impact of nitrogen seeding on confinement and power load control of a high-triangularity JET ELMy H-mode plasma with a metal wall

C. Giroud, G.P. Maddison, S. Jachmich, F. Rimini, M.N.A. Beurskens, I. Balboa, S. Brezinsek, R. Coelho, J.W. Coenen, L. Frassinetti, E. Joffrin, M. Oberkofler (+29 others)
2013 Nuclear Fusion  
This paper reports the impact on confinement and power load of the high-shape 2.5MA ELMy H-mode scenario at JET of a change from an all carbon plasma facing components to an all metal wall. In preparation to this change, systematic studies of power load reduction and impact on confinement as a result of fuelling in combination with nitrogen seeding were carried out in JET-C and are compared to their counterpart in JET with a metallic wall. An unexpected and significant change is reported on the
more » ... decrease of the pedestal confinement but is partially recovered with the injection of nitrogen.
doi:10.1088/0029-5515/53/11/113025 fatcat:ghlbgl7gpbch7ju4tyx4fwho4m