Licensee OAPL (UK) 2014. Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY) Biomechanical measurements of vocal fold elasticity

D Dembinski, L Oren, E Gutmark, S Khosla
Introduction Accurate characterization of the elastic properties of vocal fold tissue is important in phonosurgical correction of vocal fold pathology and development of physiologic phonation models. This paper examines the work to date attempting to characterize the elastic response of the vocal fold tissue, focusing on three commonly used biomechanical testing modalities in the field: longitudinal elongation, linear skin rheometry, and microindentation. It is hoped that a thorough review of
more » ... rrent literature in the field will identify strengths and weaknesses associated with each testing technique and suggest directions for future work. Conclusion While much progress has been made in the characterization of vocal fold elasticity, there is still work to be done to make elasticity measurements practical for clinical applications.