Mozart's music in the prenatal period
La música de Mozart en el periodo prenatal

Ulises Reyes Gómez, Martha Patricia Hernández Rico, Diana Reyes Hernández, Lidia Javier Hernández, Magdalena Ortiz Martínez
2006 Ginecología y Obstetricia de México  
Diverse studies demonstrate that the future baby reacts to the sounds and the light in uterus four months before being born, that is to say, he is able to recognize stimulus which was exposed habitually, like the beats of the mothers heart and the voice of the same one when talk him before being born, likewise the music he used to heard during pregnancy. The babies who through their mother listened to music of Mozart in uterus and return it to listen in the delivery room of when they are born
more » ... el greater tranquility and less aggressiveness. Mozart was a genius and the most beautiful from it is the so important impact in the cognitive development, social and affective of those who are exposed to the wonderful sounds and rythm of music from the maternal belly. The previous thing is based on experiments scientifically controlled that revalue the communication between the mother and the future baby as well as the importance of this link.
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