New Records of Two Stichotrichid Ciliates, Afroamphisiella multinucleata and Pseudokahliella marina (Ciliophora: Spirotrichea: Stichotrichida) from Korea

Jung-Min Choi, Mann-Kyoon Shin
2012 Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity  
Two stichotrichid ciliates, collected from marine waters in Jeju Island, were identified as Afroamphisiella multinucleata Foissner et al., 2002 and Pseudokahliella marina (Foissner et al., 1982 ) Berger et al., 1985 They are recorded for the first time in Korea. The descriptions are based on examinations of living as well as protargol-impregnated specimens. These species are characterized as follows. Afroamphisiella multinucleata has a body size in vivo of 70-95×20-35 μm; elongate rectangular
more » ... ngate rectangular in shape; contractile vacuole located slightly above mid-body. The adoral zone is bipartited into 3 distal and 13-17 proximal membranelles and occupies 28-35% of the body length. The frontal row comprises 1-4 cirri and one buccal cirrus. The amphisiellid median cirral row is composed of 14-21 cirri, 10-19 left marginal cirri, and 21-30 right marginal cirri. Cortical granules are yellowish. 11-20 globular/ellipsoidal macronuclear nodules arrange proximally along the cell margins. Pseudokahliella marina has a body size in vivo of 110-195×40-110 μm and broadly elliptical in shape. The adoral zone of the membranelles occupies 50-60% of the body length, and is composed of 41-70 membranelles. A prominent frontal scutum is present. The contractile vacuole is located below the mid-body. There are 11-13 frontoventral rows, including marginal rows. Caudal cirri and transverse cirri are absent. Three invariable non-fragmented bipolar dorsal kineties are present. The left and right marginal rows are composed of 22-35 and 28-40 cirri, respectively. Colourless cortical granules are present. 8-11 spherical/ellipsoidal macronuclear nodules are connected with each other by thread-like tructures, forming an inverted C-shape.
doi:10.5635/ased.2012.28.3.168 fatcat:2sb5we3vdreehaetyiudgubsxq