Social projection and paradox of values of post-modernism

Emine Altunay Şam, H. Çalişkan, I. Önder, E. Masal, Ş. Beşoluk
2016 SHS Web of Conferences  
The change that occurred in the 20th Century made it necessary to redefine the world that was formed after modernism. For this reason; radical and global changes and transformations that occurred in social, political, cultural, economical, military, and technological and communication area starting from the mid-20th century in Europe and North America or the western civilization constituted the basis for the emergence of post-modernism. The understanding of post-modernists that ignores
more » ... at ignores objectivity and objects any kind of classification led the criteria that differentiate between knowledge and non-knowledge, correct and incorrect, and good and bad to lose their importance. This point-of-view includes a threat that leads to chaos in science, art, ethics and similar areas. The chaos that emerges should be considered at the stage of determining the main objectives of the education program in terms of the science and philosophy of education. The subject of the study is to assess the social reflections of post-modern thought and its educational aspects based on local and foreign researches.
doi:10.1051/shsconf/20162601115 fatcat:krof63b3jjc25g2hgn2ud55egi