A Virtual Navigation in a Reconstruction of the Town of Otranto in the Middle Ages for Playing and Education

Lucio Tommaso, De Paolis, Giovanni Aloisio, Maria Celentano, Luigi Oliva, Pietro Vecchio
2011 International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems   unpublished
The aim of the MediaEvo Project is to develop a multi-sensory platform for the edutainment in Cultural Heritage towards integration of human sciences and new data processing technologies, for the realization of a digital didactic game oriented to the knowledge of medieval history and society. The developing of the project has enhanced interactions among historical, pedagogical and ICT researches, by means of the definition of a virtual immersive platform for playing and educating and has
more » ... ting and has permitted to investigate some navigation and interaction modalities among players for education purposes. In this paper we present some results of the MediaEvo Project that has led the researchers to use the reconstruction of the city of Otranto in the Middle Ages in order to determine the conditions for testing more elements of interaction in a virtual environment and a multisensory mediation in which merge objects, subjects and experiential context. With the aim to make interaction easier for users without any experience of navigation in a virtual world and more efficient for trained users, we use the Wiimote and the Balance Board of Nintendo in order to increase the sense of immersion in the virtual environment.