34 Influenza infections after stem cell transplantation (SCT): Risk factors, mortality and the effect of antiviral therapy

W.G. Nichols, K.A. Guthrie, L. Corey, M. Boeckh
2003 Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation  
Oral Presentations inflammatory disease, HER2, hormone receptors, tumor grade, previous adjuvant chemotherapy, and prior anthracyclines. CON-CLUSIONS: Early lymphocyte recovery is an independent outcome predictor after HDC in MBC pts receiving a graft with a high T-cell content. These observations support the role for the immune system in tumor control after transplant, and suggest that pre-or post-HDC inmmne strategies targeting post-transplant residual disease may prove worthwhile. MBC pts
more » ... ian DFS Median OS % DFS % OS Low ALC (_<500/mm 3) 1 yr 2.5 yrs 20% 29% High ALC (>500/ram 3 ) 2.3 yrs 4 yrs 33% 42% STEM CELL BIOLOGY 31 BONE MARROW DERIVED HESENCHYMAL STEH CELLS : IMPACT ON NEOINTESTINAL ENGINEERING Gm~dia, C.; Defavia, W.; Smztiago, S.; Tryopl, o~mpoulos, P.; Ruiz, P.; Tzakis, A.; Kleiner, G.
doi:10.1016/s1083-8791(03)80035-6 fatcat:us6nrckvujao5e3ack6ij5i5s4