2005 Handbook Of Software Engineering And Knowledge Engineering  
Traceability of software artefacts has been recognised as an important factor for supporting various activities in the software system development process. In general, the objective of traceability is to improve the quality of software systems. More specifically, traceability information can be used to support the analysis of implications and integration of changes that occur software systems; the maintenance and evolution of software systems; the reuse of software system components by
more » ... ng and comparing requirements of new and existing systems; the testing of software system components; and system inspection, by indicating alternatives and compromises made during development. Traceability enables system acceptance by allowing users to better understand the system and contributes to clear and consistent system documentation. Over the last few years, the software and system engineering communities have developed a large number of approaches and techniques to address various aspects of traceability. Research into software traceability has been mainly concerned with the study and definition of different types of traceability relations; support for the generation of traceability relations; development of architectures, tools, and environments for the representation and maintenance of traceability relations; and empirical investigations into organisational practices regarding the establishment and deployment of traceability relations in the software development life cycle. However, despite its importance and the work resulted from numerous years of research, empirical studies of traceability needs and practices in industrial organisations have indicated that traceability support is not always satisfactory. As a result, traceability is rarely established in existing industrial settings. In this article, we present a roadmap of research and practices related to software traceability and identify issues that are still open for further research. Our roadmap is organised according to the main topics that have been the focus of software traceability research.
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