Development of double-sided microstructured Si(Li) detectors

D. Protic, T. Krings, R. Schleichert
2002 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
A new technique for manufacturing double-sided structured Si(Li) detectors has been established. The position-sensitive structure on the implanted p + -contact can be made smaller than 100 m by photolithography followed by plasma etching of grooves to separate the position elements. By modifying this technique position-sensitive structures on a thin ( 30 m) Li-diffused contact were created. Areas of 50 mm 50 mm were divided into 50 or 100 strips with a pitch of 1 mm or 500 m, respectively. The
more » ... respectively. The strips were separated by 35-m-deep and 50-m-wide grooves. Measurements of the electrical resistance of the grooves and reverse current of the strips are presented. Charge splitting on the adjacent strips shows practically no charge loss through the groove. Small pixel effects are demonstrated on a Li-diffused contact (100 strips with the pitch of 500 m) and on the first double-sided Si(Li) detector (50 50 strips with a pitch of 1 mm). By measuring the relative time distribution of the signal from both contacts it is possible to obtain some three-dimensional imaging capability. Index Terms-Double-sided microstructured Si(Li) detectors, position-sensitive Si(Li) detectors, silicon radiation detectors, thin Li-diffused contacts, three-dimensional position sensing.
doi:10.1109/tns.2002.801541 fatcat:3ys2jokb7fh3vkykxits3iqbvu