Supervisory control of real-time discrete-event systems using lattice theory

D.D. Cofer, V.K. Garg
1996 IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control  
The behavior of timed DES can be described by sequences of event occurrence times. These sequences can be ordered to form a lattice. Since logical (untimed) DES behaviors described by regular languages also form a lattice, questions of controllability for timed DES may be treated in much the same manner as they are for untimed systems. In this paper we establish conditions for the controllability of timed DES performance speci cation which are expressed as inequations on the lattice. Thses
more » ... lattice. Thses speci cations may take the form of sets of acceptable event occurrence times, maximum or minimum occurrence times, or limits on the separation times between events. Optimal behaviors are found as extremal solutions to these inequations using xed point results for lattices.
doi:10.1109/9.481519 fatcat:7icyhkk4e5g6dh2zrzc4arv23e