Suzana Lutovac, University of Belgrade, Serbia, Branko Gluščević, Miloš Gligorić, Jelena Majstorović, Rade Tokalić, University of Belgrade, Serbia, University of Belgrade, Serbia, University of Belgrade, Serbia, University of Belgrade, Serbia
2022 unpublished
As a way of exploitation in mining operation, mass blasting has the more application. However, usage the large amount of explosives leads to increasing the negative blasting effects. By the negative blasting effects, we mean seismic effect of blasting, sound effect, scattering of blasted rock mass, etc. In order to protect environment from shock when performing blasting it is necessary to define rock mass oscillation equation for each working site. This paper offers the analysis of the method
more » ... r defining parameters of the oscillation equation. To define parameters in the rock mass oscillation equation, we have used five models. The first model represents a usual model – method of Least Squares. The second model is based on the quotient of the value of the equal number of experimental data of oscillation velocity and corresponding reduced distances. The third model is based on defining parameters of oscillation equation by applying Lagrange's theorem. The fourth model is based on defining parameters for oscillation equation by applying the quotient of relative oscillation velocity increments and reduced distances. As the result of numerous measuring's there has been noted that the value of one of the parameters in the oscillation equation is within the limits from 1 to 3, however most frequently from 1 to 2. On the basis of this as well as on the basis of oscillation equation characteristic, the value of one parameter was adopted. Thus, we got a new rock mass 292 oscillation equation which is now simpler, and we designated it as the fifth model. On the basis of calculation on concrete example of mass blasting, it has been stated that all mentioned models may be used in order to calculate rock mass oscillation velocity
doi:10.31713/m1111 fatcat:vn5no72hwvagno4r43gvaiuhgq