Assessment of the measurement control program for solution assay instruments at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Plutonium Facility [report]

A.S. Goldman
1985 unpublished
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this report is to document and review an established measurement control program (MCP) over a 27-month period for four solution assay instruments (SAIs) at the Los Alamos Plutonium Facility (PF) and to suggest criteria and practices that will aid DOE facilities in implementing effective MCPs for nondestructive assay (NDA) instruments. This report is the second of a series designed to provide guidance on MCPs in the six areas mentioned in DOE Order 5630.2. The
more » ... rder 5630.2. The first report dealt with the MCP on balances at the PF, and this report focuses on SAIs. Data collected from the existing Los Alamos MCP for SAIs from January 1982 through March 1984 provided an opportunity to analyze results and make recommendations. The Los Alamos MCP can provide a model for MCPs at DOE facilities having NDA instruments whose characteristics are similar to SAIs. The current PF MCP provides daily accuracy tests and weekly precision and randomness tests. This report reviews and suggests improvements for carrying out this program and briefly describes the SAI. Our major findings concerning the PF MCP for SAI instruments include the following: (1) The MCP for the SAIs provides comprehensive data over a 27-month period and is judged to be performing satisfactorily. (2) Technicians enter data into a logbook and the accountability computer. The observed data entry error rate is •^17%; however, only 1% of the errors change decisions made in MCP tests. (3) Small, persistent biases were observed; however, from an accounting point of view, they are not significant.
doi:10.2172/5659958 fatcat:fjhc67rmpffc3eiv67v5esesw4