The Study of Macro Invertebrate Fauna in Wetland Areas of Lokoja, Nigeria

Abidina Abba, Ukwedeh Ojoniko Mary, Kachi Jolly Babangida, Alhassan Abdulrahman
2021 Zenodo  
The analysis of the macro invertebrate assemblage in the wetlands of Lokoja and physico-chemical parameters; based on anthropogenic events across catchments of the wetland, sampling stations were allocated. From January to June, ecological parameters such as air and water temperature dissolve oxygen concentration, depth and pH levels as well as the macro invertebrate fauna were assessed. The analysis found that the temperature of air and water was highest in the March (31.42±1.0◦C) and April
more » ... 1.0◦C) and April (38.3±0.5C) respectively; Average Depth and dissolve oxygen concentration of the water were higher in June (0.55 ± 0.07 m) and (5.30±0.92 mg/l) each, while pH was higher in May (5.73±0.68). Similarly, the overall macro invertebrate was frequent during the dry season compared to the rainy season. Higher abundance was observed in the month of April with Coleopterans being highest followed by Orthoptera; followed by May and June. We observed changes in the growth dynamics of macro invertebrate fauna from April to subsequent May and June. Our findings revealed the state of macro invertebrate fauna in the wetland Areas of Lokoja, secondly we highlighted the condition of pollution in the wetland areas as such we recommend restoration of the wetland so as to increase ecological efficiency of the wetland as well as wastewater management framework aim at eradicating elicit environmental pollution by humans into the aquatic ecosystem.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4471233 fatcat:n5aanrssdjb6tpn3ipixdzny2a