Effect of surface reflectivity on photonic Doppler velocimetry measurement

Xianqian Wu, Weiguang Xia, Xi Wang, Hongwei Song, Chenguang Huang
2014 Measurement science and technology  
While photonic Doppler velocimetry (PDV) is becoming a common diagnostic for tracking velocity in shock physical experiments, its validity on measuring surfaces with different reflectivity is not studied. This paper investigates the effects of surface reflectivity on PDV measurement for tracking back free surface velocity in laser shock processing. Credible measurement results for coarse polished surfaces with low reflectivity are obtained, whereas fine polished surfaces with relatively high
more » ... lectivity lead to heterodyne fringes with high frequency and corresponding unreasonably fast velocities. This phenomenon reported in the paper is somewhat inconsistent with the general view that PDV has remarkable robustness to large changes in surface reflectivity. The reason might be ascribed to multiple reflections of light, which cause the generation of multiple Doppler shifts. The mixing of the reference light and those Doppler-shifted lights brings out high frequency heterodyne fringes resulting in high velocity. Low surface reflectivity is better suited for PDV measurements.
doi:10.1088/0957-0233/25/5/055207 fatcat:pskf7d6fpjfr3cckkwgwjghm3m