On some early forms of electric furnaces

Edwin J. Houston
1888 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
The foregoing t:lble contains the metals whose coefficients of dilatation are kno~r with sufficient accuracy for the purpose of testing the truth of the laws. 'I& above t:Lbk shon-s that the lengths of the oscillatirjns are in the inverse ratio of the melting points, and that the products of thcsc quantities are sensibly constant. The t~vro laws above indicated are consequently correct, and temperature is really represented by the length of oscillation of the molecules of stolid boclics.
more » ... 0u:: cqu:ltionS involve the elements of volatile licluifls \vhcn cornl~~~-c~~l :tt their boiling points. -. UY I'KOF. EU\VIS J. HOUSTON.
doi:10.1016/0016-0032(88)90430-9 fatcat:bq6rvbuqkrg7dmyxts7izmj4ta