The Effects of Quinoa and Chickpeas Flours on the Physical, Chemical, Functional and Sensorial properties of Tarhana Soup

صفاء طلعت جوهری
2022 المجلة المصریة للدراسات المتخصصة  
Tarhana soup is a traditional fermented food made of mainly a mixture of cereal and yoghurt. It is like products have been enriched or replaced with cereal and pseudocereal. This research determined the effect of substituting wheat flour 72% (WF) with different ratios of chickpeas flour(CHF) ,white quinoa flour (WQF) and mixed-(CHF & WQF) on functional, rheological and sensorial properties of tarhana treatments. High CHF and WQF substitute (100%) in tarhana production showed higher contents of
more » ... rotein, lipids, ash, crude fibers, total phenolic compounds, phytic acid and antioxidant capacity by free radical 1, 1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) in comparison to wheat flour (72%). pH values of tarhana treatments were decreased from 5.12-6.01to 4.85-5.75 after 72 hrs. of fermentation. Fermentation loss values of tarhana treatments ranged between 9.48% and 12.23%. Substitution of WF in tarhana formulations with CHF and WQF reduced the yellowness of tarhana samples. The addition of different CHF and WQF significantly (p≤0.05) improved the water and oil absorption capacity of tarhana treatments. Also, partial substitution of WF with CHF, WQF and mixed-cereal in tarhana recipe has significantly (p≤0.05) increased the foaming capacity and stability of the final product. The highest values of sensory parameters were observed in tarhana soups prepared with 100 % CHF, 50% WQF and control sample gave the highest scores for consistency and overall acceptability. According to the results of this research, it is possible to partially or completely substitute wheat flour with CHF, WQF in tarhana soup production in an attempt to have a product combining the nutritional value of legumes, pseudo-cereals and the health benefits of lactic acid bacteria.
doi:10.21608/ejos.2022.248306 fatcat:cvfjizcgibhttldhlkzu62cvua