Allometric Relationships for Estimation of Above-Ground Biomass in Young Turkey Oak (Quercus cerris L.) Stands in Albania

Erion Istrefi, Elvin Toromani, Nehat Çollaku
2018 Acta Silvatica & Lignaria Hungarica  
The study objective was the determination of allometric relationships to estimate aboveground biomass in young Q. cerris stands growing in various sites in Albania. The equations described here are developed for Q. cerris forest stands managed as coppice. The total aboveground biomass of sampled trees varied from 10.67 to 19.71 kg with a stem diameter at 1.3 m (DBH) from 7.65 to 9.7 cm, and height from 5.26 to 7.6 m. Stem biomass comprised, on average, 69.6 %, while branch biomass was 24.3 %,
more » ... d leaf biomass,6% on the total aboveground biomass of the sampled oak trees. Total aboveground biomass was predicted with the highest accuracy from linear and non-linear regression equations. Total aboveground biomass and the biomass of tree compartments were predicted with a notable accuracy from DBH where the allometric model efficiency exceeded 93%. Biomass expansion factors (BEFs) showed a stronger dependency on diameter at breast height and a weaker relationship with age. The age-dependence relationship found in our study was closely related to site productivity. The variability in aboveground biomass among sampled sites indicated that local site conditions cause this difference. These new equations for Q.cerris might be applicable in the framework of the Albanian National Forest Inventory for estimation of carbon accounting from forest ecosystems and will contribute to the sustainable management of oak forests.
doi:10.2478/aslh-2018-0004 fatcat:xkxvtq4zxvbbrivtyvoebsddyq