Metal Foams as Novel Catalyst Support in Environmental Processes

Anna Gancarczyk, Katarzyna Sindera, Marzena Iwaniszyn, Marcin Piątek, Wojciech Macek, Przemysław J. Jodłowski, Sebastian Wroński, Maciej Sitarz, Joanna Łojewska, Andrzej Kołodziej
2019 Catalysts  
Metal foams are considered as promising catalyst carriers due to their high porosity, large specific surface area, and satisfactory thermal and mechanical stability. The study presents heat transfer and pressure drop experiments performed for seven foams of different pore densities made from diverse metals. Mass transfer characteristics are derived using the Chilton–Colburn analogy. It was found that the foams display much more intense heat/mass transfer than a monolith, comparable to packed
more » ... arable to packed bed. Next, the foams' efficiencies have been compared, using 1D reactor modeling, in catalytic reactions displaying either slower (selective catalytic reduction of NOx) or faster kinetics (catalytic methane combustion). For the slow kinetics, the influence of carrier specific surface area at which catalyst can be deposited (i.e., catalyst amount) was decisive to achieve high process conversion and short reactor. For this case, monolith appears as the best choice assuming it's the lowest pressure drop. For the fast reaction, the mass transfer becomes the limiting parameter, thus solid foams are the best solution.
doi:10.3390/catal9070587 fatcat:ofycvshhffbi3bczffhycdkifu