The Many Uses of Predicates of Taste and the Challenge from Disagreement

Dan Zeman
2016 Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric  
In the debate between contextualism and relativism about predicates of taste, the challenge from disagreement (the objection that contextualism cannot account for disagreement in ordinary exchanges involving such predicates) has played a central role. This paper investigates one way of answering the challenge consisting on appeal to certain, less focused on, uses of predicates of taste. It argues that the said thread is unsatisfactory, in that it downplays certain exchanges that constitute the
more » ... hat constitute the core disagreement data. Additionally, several arguments to the effect that the exchanges in question don't amount to disagreement are considered and rejected.
doi:10.1515/slgr-2016-0034 fatcat:5zyopozta5apbhccjl44dcszre