The Constitution of a Sport Subfield: the Case of Taekwondo

Thiago Pimenta, Wanderley Marchi
The present work discusses the relation of Taekwondo with modern sports. Historical, social and political elements involved in an eventual process of "sportivization" were identified. The option was to work with the theoretic referential of Pierre Bourdieu and Norbert Elias. A semi-structured interview technique with the "masters" was used. Considerations: a) its evidences occurred to a social evolutionary process not planned, created the configuration in which Taekwondo placed its corporal,
more » ... ed its corporal, cultural and social framework; b) its dissemination as a sports sub-field offers the diplomatic and symbolical value required to disseminate a national moral that confirms its entry to the world; c) its exposition led off to an imposing process of the Korean nationality as a symbolic violence aspect.