Complete androgen insensitivity syndrome: Review of four cases

Dusanka Dobanovacki, Radoica Jokic, Nada Vuckovic, Jadranka Jovanovic Privrodski, Dragan Katanic, Milanka Tatic, Sanja Skeledzija Miskovic, Ivana Kavecan
2012 Open Medicine  
The Detection of the Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome is not simple since diagnostic can start from different points, depending on clinical features. Case Presentation: Four cases of complete androgen insensitivity syndrome are presented through diagnostic modalities and therapeutic approaches. The initial reasons for investigation were as follows: prenatal amniocentesis being in conflict with the postnatal phenotype, secondary clinical finding, testicle finding during hernia repair,
more » ... post pubertal primary amenorrhea. Complete chromosomal, hormonal and ultrasonographical investigations were performed in all patients. Laparoscopy or open inguinal approaches were performed for gonadectomy in all patients, and the microscopic finding was testicular tissue without malignancy. Conclusion: Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome is a type of male pseudohermaphroditism that could be diagnosed as early as in pre-adult age, before any malignant changes appear, and early enough to reach the correct therapy in time.
doi:10.2478/s11536-012-0053-5 fatcat:bnmkq3zv3ravxp2qbug75jbq5i