The Complexity of Bottleneck Labeled Graph Problems

Refael Hassin, Jérôme Monnot, Danny Segev
2008 Algorithmica  
We present hardness results, approximation heuristics, and exact algorithms for bottleneck labeled optimization problems arising in the context of graph theory. This long-established model partitions the set of edges into classes, each of which is identified by a unique color. The generic objective is to construct a subgraph of prescribed structure (such as that of being an s-t path, a spanning tree, or a perfect matching) while trying to avoid over-picking or under-picking edges from any given
more » ... color. ⋆ Due to space limitations, some proofs were omitted from this extended abstract. We refer the reader to the full version of this paper (currently available online at∼monnot), in which all missing details are provided.
doi:10.1007/s00453-008-9261-4 fatcat:vdv7wuagk5aqllzzb2ha5y6fri