Serpens X-1 observed byINTEGRAL

N. Masetti, L. Foschini, E. Palazzi, V. Beckmann, N. Lund, S. Brandt, N. J. Westergaard, L. Amati, E. Caroli, S. Del Sordo, G. Di Cocco, P. Durouchoux (+4 others)
2004 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
Here we report results of an INTEGRAL-AO1 observation of the X-ray burst and atoll source Ser X-1 performed in May 2003. The object was observed for a total on-source time of 400 ks but nearly 8 degrees off-axis due to its amalgamation with an observation of SS 433, the pointing target source. Ser X-1 has been clearly detected up to 30 keV with unprecedented positional accuracy for high-energy emission. The 20-30 keV light curve showed substantial variability during the observation. Comparison
more » ... vation. Comparison with previous observations indicates that the source was in its high ('banana') state and displayed a soft spectrum during the INTEGRAL pointing. A (non simultaneous) radio-to-gamma-rays broad-band spectral energy distribution is also presented for the first time and discussed.
doi:10.1051/0004-6361:20040210 fatcat:feus2yo3wvbfdm4rq2qohqwq74