Grassflies of the subfamily Chloropinae, except the tribe Chloropini and the genus Meromyza, of Finland, Karelia and the Kola Peninsula (Diptera, Cyclorrhapha, Chloropidae)

Emilia Nartshuk
1999 Entomologica Fennica  
27 species of Chloropinae are recorded from Finland, 7 of them for the first time. 14 species are recorded from Karelia and 3 from the Kola Peninsula, all for the first time. The distributions of all species in the territory investigated are mapped. The type specimens of Lasiosina parvipennis Duda are examined and a lectotype designated. A key to the genera and species of Chloropinae, except for species of the genera Chlorops and Meromyza, is given. The distribution in Finland of all species of
more » ... Chloropinae, including the genera Chlorops and Meromyza, is discussed. The fauna of Chloropinae of Finland is compared with the faunas of St. Petersburg Province, Estonia and Yakutia.
doi:10.33338/ef.83994 fatcat:de2ybb3do5au7o25syjspmbmmm