Magnetospheric Magnetic Field Modeling [report]

W. P. Olson, K. A. Pfitzer
1979 unpublished
Continue on reverae aide if necessary and identify by block number) This report describes work tha t has been performed within the Iast year on the model i ng of the disturbed magnetospheric magn etic field . The rea sons 1for developing quantitative magnetospher ic models are twofold: first , there are many model users who have -~r act ca P"heeds. Their requirements ..are4to specif y and to pred ict such things as: rad iation dose in the earth orbita l ertv ronment , fluctuations in
more » ... electron density, variations in the earth' s upper atmosphere dens ity, and the impact of magne tic storms on load i ng changes In .ĩ~~ FORM~~
doi:10.21236/ada067597 fatcat:ali3ir4ioneufewv4hpkxvfeta