Metabolomics and Multi-Omics Integration: A Survey of Computational Methods and Resources

Tara Eicher, Garrett Kinnebrew, Andrew Patt, Kyle Spencer, Kevin Ying, Qin Ma, Raghu Machiraju, and Ewy A. Mathé
2020 Metabolites  
As researchers are increasingly able to collect data on a large scale from multiple clinical and omics modalities, multi-omics integration is becoming a critical component of metabolomics research. This introduces a need for increased understanding by the metabolomics researcher of computational and statistical analysis methods relevant to multi-omics studies. In this review, we discuss common types of analyses performed in multi-omics studies and the computational and statistical methods that
more » ... an be used for each type of analysis. We pinpoint the caveats and considerations for analysis methods, including required parameters, sample size and data distribution requirements, sources of a priori knowledge, and techniques for the evaluation of model accuracy. Finally, for the types of analyses discussed, we provide examples of the applications of corresponding methods to clinical and basic research. We intend that our review may be used as a guide for metabolomics researchers to choose effective techniques for multi-omics analyses relevant to their field of study.
doi:10.3390/metabo10050202 pmid:32429287 pmcid:PMC7281435 fatcat:uv2xr67fwzhvvg57awbfit6vce