1-Deoxynojirimycin: Occurrence, Extraction, Chemistry, Oral Pharmacokinetics, Biological Activities and In Silico Target Fishing

Kuo Gao, Chenglong Zheng, Tong Wang, Huihui Zhao, Juan Wang, Zhiyong Wang, Xing Zhai, Zijun Jia, Jianxin Chen, Yingwu Zhou, Wei Wang
2016 Molecules  
1-Deoxynojirimycin (DNJ, C 6 H 13 NO 4 , 163.17 g/mol), an alkaloid azasugar or iminosugar, is a biologically active natural compound that exists in mulberry leaves and Commelina communis (dayflower) as well as from several bacterial strains such as Bacillus and Streptomyces species. Deoxynojirimycin possesses antihyperglycemic, anti-obesity, and antiviral features. Therefore, the aim of this detailed review article is to summarize the existing knowledge on occurrence, extraction, purification,
more » ... determination, chemistry, and bioactivities of DNJ, so that researchers may use it to explore future perspectives of research on DNJ. Moreover, possible molecular targets of DNJ will also be investigated using suitable in silico approach.
doi:10.3390/molecules21111600 pmid:27886092 fatcat:zgdfqofhv5aapfsbddhbpsuwxi